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What does a typical workout look like?

Our workouts, both personal training (PT) and bootcamps have 3 key parts - the warm up, the main workout, the cool down. Your goals and individual needs will dictate what each of these elements entail.

All exercises are evidence-based and each activity will have a clear purpose within your programme, designed to develop your fitness. 

You will be guided thoroughly and encouraged through all exercises, developing perfect technique and understanding. This way, you will have the knowledge to maintain your fitness for the rest of your life. 

Training will be enjoyable, sometimes challenging and you will be supported at all times.

How often should I train with you?

Your frequency of training with me is completely individual, based on your preferences.


In general I would recommend no more than three training sessions per week and a minimum of one session per week, goal dependent. Less frequent training may still provide positive results if you are disciplined and motivated in-between sessions. 

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I feel too embarrassed with my current level of fitness and/or body size to have a personal trainer

If you feel this way, that is completely normal.  

You have nothing to be embarrassed about and everything to be proud about. Just considering ways to get fit is to be championed. 

You will be completely supported on your journey.

Tell me about your prices

All personal training sessions are 60 minutes, massages are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  A single 60 minute session (massage or personal training) costs £60. A 30 minute massage is £30. There are PT block bookings too, enabling you to make a saving. You can also share the costs of PT sessions, by training with friends.

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